Wednesday, August 5, 2020

ArtBeat#5: 10 Streetwise Artisans at New York's Nolita Market

By Jacquelin Carnegie - (New York, NY)
While museums and most galleries are still shut due to 
COVID19, you can show some "love" to a group of living artists at the Nolita Market in Manhattan. It's outdoors--along the wall of St Patrick's Old Cathedral on Prince Street. Here, a small group of selected artisans sets up stands to sell their wares each weekend. Their crafts are lovely, unique, and of a high quality--not the sort of crappy stuff you see at street fairs. Usually, there are 20 vendors but, due to COVID19, only 10 are currently allowed. Here's a few worth checking out: 
Nolita Market
Prince St, btw Mulberry & Mott (March-Dec; Fri-Sat-Sun, 11am-6pm)
Joyous Jewelry
CoKo Jewelry 
Originally from Switzerland, artist Cornelia Koller got bored with painting on canvas and switched her passion to "wearable" art. Her earrings--and other pieces--are enamel, created with her special flair for color and design--each piece is a unique work of art. [Instagram: @coko_jewelry]

Using recycled sterling silver and salvaged exotic hardwoods, Ruben Ceballos handcrafts each beautiful piece--rings, necklaces and cuffs. (Rings: Macassar Ebony/Sterling Silver)

Snapshots of New York
Ciaran Tully Photography 
Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ciaran Tully's love for his adopted home, New York City, comes through in his images--whether in sharp or soft focus. (photo: Grand Central Station)

Bird By Bird
Pigeon Be Pigeon
What's more quintessential New York than a pigeon? It's practically NYC's official bird! Artist Simon finds these feathered friends to be quite whimsical and enjoys bringing smiles and laughter to people through his quirky cartoons as drawings or printed on tote bags and T-shirts. 

[Instagram: @pigeonbepigeon]

Last But Not Least
Need some colorful creations to liven up your life? Look no further than Nick Peate's bold artwork! [Instagram: @nickandthepeeps_nyc]
Due to COVID19, the lack of tourists, and much less street traffic, these lovely artisans are having a hard time. So, New Yorkers get out there and shop! Those in other places, can always buy online on the artists' websites. These lovely, handcrafted items make worthwhile gifts--and/or a nice treat for yourself during the pandemic!

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